Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Boring" Adventures

Today the kids and I went with friends to see the movie "UP". I thought of the title of our blog, "The King's Adventures", when the elderly man read his deceased wife's note which said "thanks for the adventures" just when he was sad that he felt he hadn't helped her fulfill her dreams. She had included pictures of big moments and regular moments. The little boy also told him that he guessed it was the "boring" times that he remembered most. I guess that's what our blog - my life - is all about! Big events and little everyday moments are shared in pictures and in thoughts. Although the recent All-Stars, Dance Recitals, Soccer games, School events, Church events, visits with friends and family, etc. need to be documented because they've been awesome; I too think the "boring" moments stand out most in my mind. Those moments of snuggling on the couch watching a movie, stealing kisses from my ever growing little ones, reading together, learning the books of the Bible, watching the kids' interact with others, playing cards, teaching how to use the microwave and the vaccuum, even cleaning out closets and cleaning the van together... Just thinking about even the last few hours, I hold so dear those bedtime moments. I think tomorrow I'll treasure the "boring" moments even more!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wacky, Wonderful Days!

The kids had wacky, Wh0-ville hair day to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday last week! Caris was brave and we braided her hair complete with pipe cleaners so she could change her do as often as she liked! David was a little more reserved, but had enough gook in his hair to spike it up for a couple of days! And then there's the constant crazy days with Joseph!!! These are just a couple of moments caught on camera - there is never a dull moment with Rudy around! Rich is feeding his little bird whipped cream straight from the bottle! And MommaC is letting Joseph play Monopoly on her I-phone while sitting in the middle of the kitchen island! We probably don't want to know what else MommaC and Joseph could get into! Oh, the fun days we have around this place....

Snow in March!

The kids had a fantastic snow day yesterday! The snow continued to fall throughout the morning and is even still here today (but sadly, the roads are clear so everyone's back to school!). Joseph was most impressed with the snow. He would get down on all fours and lick it! Yuck! They all sledded down the back hill making sure to stop at the "yellow grass" before the lake - all except David's feet once! The boys enjoyed a snow ball fight complete with a fort thanks to Chris O. Caris loved the sledding and attempting a snowman at a friend's house. Joseph wondered why the rest of the neighbors didn't have on camouflauge coveralls! But after a day in the snow, even Caris was glad to be wearing them (with pink accessories, of course)!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Logic of the Sweet Tooth!

Caris (our pickiest eater, but lover of all sweet things) was trying to convince me that she should be able to buy an ice cream at the cafeteria tomorrow. She has a choral program at school tomorrow night which she has been looking forward to for some time. So her reasoning for the ice cream splurge at lunch ... "If I eat the ice cream at lunch, it will freeze all the words to the songs in my brain so I won't forget them tomorrow night!"

Saturday, February 7, 2009

At least Charlie Brown didn't do it!

Okay, it's true confession time! When I was little I colored on the walls! In fact, I colored behind all the furniture because I knew I wasn't supposed to color on the walls! And even worse than that ... when we moved and all the furniture was removed therefore revealing my secret, I didn't even own up to it! I said, "Charlie Brown did it!" (Charlie Brown was my nickname for an adult family friend who liked to play like a big kid - and I loved that!)
Just an hour ago, I found Joseph and his best buddy happily decorating Joseph and David's entire rooms with wet sidewalk chalk! The furniture, toys, comforters, and doors were bright colors of the rainbow! I fussed and lectured while all three of us cleaned. I would love to call someone for sympathy but I'm sure I would just hear laughter on the other end of the phone!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The Gifts of Giving and Time Together!

This Christmas the best gifts any of us gave or received were time together and the sacrifice of giving! We enjoyed a fun-filled visit with Grandaddy; a special visit from Mimi; a trip to DC with MommaC, Papa Joe, Aunt Babsie, Uncle Leland, Jared, Jake and Zac; and a celebration of Jesus' birthday with Aunt Sue, Uncle Ed, Uncle Matt, and the Sanzones!
We were all blessed by having a family Christmas gift swap where all three children combined their saved allowances to buy Rich and I and each other presents. They also all made presents for us. They very carefully chose the gifts they thought the other would enjoy most. The gift of giving brought us all great joy!
One added blessing was the trips to the Marine Corps Museum and the Vietnam Wall with my Dad. We all learned a great deal about the sacrifices of war, the comraderie of those who share in combat, and how the war impacted him.


We had fun celebrating birthdays in January! My mom turned 65 at the beginning of the month. The whole family kept a secret (which is amazing enough in itself) and my sister and I surprised her with a girls' weekend! Boy was she surprised! She cried and held us both as if we might vanish! The girl time and an afternoon with my great-grandmothers, dad, and Babs' family was quite a blessing (and a great birthday present for me as well)!

The little princess of the family turned 8 later in January! She enjoyed a family dinner at her favorite Mexican restaraunt and a birthday party with some of her friends and her cousin, Anna! The party was completely planned by Caris! I must say she was much more motivated to plan the details than to implement all of them! We all had a great time at the tea party for girls and dolls!